Knayton C of E Primary Academy

Proud to be part of Elevate Multi Academy Trust

Stockton Road, Knayton, Thirsk, YO7 4AN

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Executive Headteacher: Mrs A Clay


Physical Education 


We are proud of have been awarded the ‘Platinum School Games Award’ for our participation and enthusiasm towards PE and Sporting Competitions.


From the moment our children come through the doors in reception, they are given physical education experiences that:
• Inspire them to develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity, when participating individually, in small groups and within a team.
• Encourage the engagement in competitive sports in a safe and challenging environment.
• Builds resilience, ambition and determination, resulting in passion and drive in order to achieve their best.
• Excite them about the endless possibilities of potential sporting careers.


Our curriculum is guided by the following academic finger prints:

Children will:
• Participate safely and effectively in a broad range of physical activities and sports.
• Be equipped with a range of skills that they can confidently practise and apply.
• Understand about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a broad, balanced diet.
• Be given the opportunity to participate in sports at a competitive level.
• Become young leaders and advocates of PE.


How PE is taught:

• Teaching of PE at Knayton is based on the aims and purposes outlined in the National Curriculum.

At Knayton, children become competent to participate in PE by developing an understanding about:
- Healthy Participation – joining in safely and effectively
- Motor Competence – accurate movements, movement patterns, movement techniques and sequences
- Rules, strategies and tactics – conventions, regulations, strategies that are specific to participation in a particular activity/sport

These areas are applied using the three domains:
Heart – affective domain (feeling)
Hands – psychomotor domain (doing)
Head – cognitive domain (thinking)

• Teaching staff deliver high quality, innovative PE lessons, that challenge and inspire all children, including children with additional needs. At times, teaching staff are supported by highly specialised coaches to ensure consistency and progression across all year groups.
• Developing an interest in physical activity begins in EYFS, where the delivery of PE begins with a focus on developing: agility, balance and co-ordination. Children enjoy moving, participating and experiencing success.
• In KS1, children learn how to master simple movements, such as running, jumping and throwing; applying these skills in a range of activities. Children participate in simple team games and are introduced to the competitive aspect of sport.
• As children progress into KS2, they use running, jumping, throwing and catching, in combination and isolation, when playing a vast variety of competitive games, such as netball, hockey, tennis, football, cricket, athletics and rounders. Children enjoy using tactics and understand the importance of rules, fairness and sporting values.
• Dance is taught progressively from EYFS to Year 6, by teaching staff who are supported by an expect dance teacher. This is linked to shows and performances throughout the school year.
• All year groups attend swimming lessons each academic year, with additional lessons provided to those children in Year 6, who require further support to meet the expected requirements.  Currently 96% of Year 6 students can swim at least 25 metres using a range of strokes.



Here's what our children say about PE: 

"PE helps your body and mind, I feel much happier afterwards."

"Exercising regularly is very important because it keeps you physically and mentally healthy."

"The best part about PE is getting to play with others in a team and helping them to improve". 

"I really enjoy playing and learning about lots of different sports. Football, netball and athletics have been my favourites!"

"We are always so active at school and have brilliant coaches". 

"The athletics competition has been a highlight of mine - it felt so good racing past the others in the sprint, whilst my friends were cheering me on!"