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Executive Headteacher: Mrs A Clay

Computing and E-Safety


Our intent for our computing approach is to equip children for our ever-developing technological world and to ensure that they behave responsibly online. Computing is woven throughout our curriculum and is an integral part of all learning. Our children will be inspired and challenged, through a safe and happy learning environment, to achieve excellent standards including all aspects of the National Curriculum objectives for computing 


Our intent is for children to: 

  • Be equipped for our ever developing technological world
  • Become versatile, confident and skilled to use technology to support their learning creatively
  • Have the opportunity to explore and develop their computing skills in a variety of ways through different technologies
  • Be equipped with the knowledge to recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour online and know how to report concerns about this
  • Achieve their absolute potential by having the highest expectations of their learning
  • Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour and identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact
  • Be confident to ask questions and extend their knowledge.


We implement our Computing curriculum through: 

  • In EYFS, we implement computing through a wide range of technological toys. We use iPads to support reading, phonics and maths
  • We teach children about the importance of keeping themselves safe when using electronic equipment and the internet
  • Cross-curricular ‘Learning Missions’. The curriculum is mapped from Understanding the World in EYFS to Year 6. The curriculum progresses each year (See curriculum progression document). These learning missions are relevant for our children and can be applied to real life contexts
  • Beginning with a launch to spark children’s interests, engage them in their learning and end with a landing to celebrate the learning journey. High quality core texts are used to further enhance the curriculum
  • A core text approach to link knowledge across the curriculum
  • 'Focus tasks’, which every child completes linked to National Curriculum objectives.
  • A choice of additional activities to further learning, practise retrieval and apply their knowledge to different contexts. These include a variety of learning opportunities, so every child has the opportunity to show their strengths and skills
  • Learning Mission journeys reflect what is being taught, vocabulary, relevant diagrams, photos and knowledge organisers 
  • Developing robust e-safety policies and procedures
  • Regularly reviewing and improving our e-safety provision and logging and monitoring any concerns
  • All staff members, parents and children attend an annual ‘Go Wise Online’ e-safety session, which provides information, helpful resources and a chance to ask questions to a trained specialist.
  • Parents receive regular internet safety advice and are encouraged to speak to staff if they have any questions.


Nurture and relationships allow adults to support children to safe explore new technologies and challenge themselves

Learning mission books are high quality, show a range of art and evidence the highest expectations

A creative and innovative approach using a range of high quality resources and advanced technologies



 Please click here for our knowledgeskills and vocabulary progression documents for computing:






































Please see below for our recommended reads for computing:



The impact of our approach is:

  • Children have confidence in using a variety of technologies, and know how to use them to communicate and enhance their learning
  • Children understand the importance of staying safe online and what to do if they have any concerns

Please click here to see our E-safety page.



 We encourage our families to use the NSPCC guidance found at:


Here's what our children say:

"We get to use loads of different pieces of technology. I love programming the Beebots."

"The lego robotics was so much fun. We got to programme them using algorithms to do different things like spin, reverse and jump."

"I know how to keep myself safe when I am online."