Knayton C of E Primary Academy

Proud to be part of Elevate Multi Academy Trust

Stockton Road, Knayton, Thirsk, YO7 4AN

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Executive Headteacher: Mrs A Clay


From the moment our  children come through the doors in reception, they are given mathematical experiences that: 

  • Give a foundation for understanding the mathematical world 
  • Enable the ability to reason mathematically 
  • Create an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics 
  • Provide a clear sequence, building on children’s prior knowledge and skills 
  • Ensures that children achieve Mathematical Proficiency in a safe and happy environment 


Our curriculum is guided by the following academic fingerprint: 

Children will: 

  • Have secure knowledge and understanding of key arithmetical facts linked to place value and number. 
  • Have a coherent mathematical understanding, be able to understand concepts represent in: concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. 
  • Become confident in their understanding of key mathematical concepts (disciplinary knowledge), and applying them to fluency and problem-solving contexts. 
  • Use their knowledge and understanding to reason mathematically, providing detailed explanations, which use sound mathematical evidence and vocabulary. 
  • Grow in their curiosity and enthusiasm about maths, through open-ended Big problems. 


How Maths is taught: 

  •  Teaching of Maths at Knayton is based on the aims and purposes outlined in the National Curriculum and has fidelity to the academic discipline of mathematical learning. 
  •  In EYFS, Maths is taught daily for a twenty-minute session, as well as encouraged continually whilst children are playing and learning. Adults, whether teaching a discrete maths session or playing with children, consistently model the use of mathematical vocabulary in a variety of contexts so that children become confident with using it themselves. Opportunities for maths are threaded through all areas of provision and areas of learning are enhanced by making real-life links to maths.  This encourages all children to remember and apply their mathematical knowledge across both number and shape, space and measure strands 
  •  Our CPR model; a creative and innovative sequential approach to maths 
  • Child led challenge. This is used within the teaching of Maths, to ensure there is no constraints on every child’s learning and they achieve their absolute best, through the challenge presented to them.  This ensures that children always have the highest expectations of themselves, are confident and are challenged within maths lessons  
  • Early Bird Maths: This is used across KS1 and 2. This focuses purely on calculations and arithmetic strategies.  Children are exposed to this daily.  Misconceptions are addressed during these sessions, to ensure the children are becoming fluent and confident with a range of calculations  
  • Arithmetic Clinic: This is a focused weekly session, which focuses on identifying a variety of strategies to answer arithmetic style questions.  Through this session, children are provided with the opportunity to develop their mathematical strategies, to make them more efficient, along with challenging each other’s concepts in an environment based on nurture and relationships  
  • Times Table Rockstars: This is a strategy that is used in every classroom from Y1-6 and valuable support at home, to ensure children are continually working on their Times Tables and recall facts. 


Here's what our children say:

"Maths is always hard but I like the challenge of solving it!" 

"Teachers make you feel like you can do it and will help you" 

"I love Times Table Rockstars! I practise it and home and school and it has made me more confident"